How time flies

Por 350001 - April 7th, 2011, 19:07, Category: General

How time flies!My colorful junior  middle school life is coming to an end. Iím glad to tell you something about my school life.

      When I was six years old, I started school. Since I became a wholesale jewelry student, I have been studying very hard. My parents are quite proud of me.

       Now, I study at Wucun Middle School, which is not only modern but also beautiful. The teachers in my school are so kind and hardworking that I love them very much. All the teachers regard us students as their own children. Also they are strict with us and strict in their work. I am getting along very well with my classmates. Whenever we have difficulties in our study, we help each other. I have many interests such as dancing, singing, reading books and playing sports, and I especially enjoy basketball, which makes me smarter and helps me learn faster and costume jewelry better. So Iíve improved my life in this way.

       My school life is full of happiness and fun. Although we have some new challenges every day, Iíll try my best to meet them.



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